Half-century success story: Form & Dunham-Bush collaboration – BHA WORLD

Form Group continues to be the reliable partner of international collaborations with its technologies that keep up with the developing world every day, R&D investments and long years of industry experience. Form Endüstri Ürünleri which has been the representative of many international companies for years, is leaving behind its 50th year as Dunham-Bush Turkiye sales and service partner.Established in the USA in 1894, Dunham-Bush is positioned as one of the oldest commercial air conditioning manufacturers in the world. Dunham-Bush, which has internationally accepted HVAC systems, delivers its high quality reliable product range to its customers through its distribution network located all over the world.FORM, which has been the representative of strong international companies in Turkiye for many years, has been the representative of Dunham-Bush since 1972. Within the scope of the cooperation that left behind half a century, FORM is the only company in Turkiye and the Middle East region that has the capacity and authority to overhaul and repair Dunham-Bush screw compressors.Tunç Korun, the CEO of Form Group, talked about the half-century-old Dunham-Bush representation with these words: “In 1972 we started to work with Dunham-Bush by purchasing piston compressors for our domestic chiller production. In the following years, we achieved very good developments within the scope of our cooperation, which continued with successful sales. As Form, we are the first company in Turkiye to sell comfort cooling screw chillers developed by Dunham-Bush in 1976. Since then, we continue to take part in many successful projects, adding value to the areas where our products are preferred.”Qais Saad Khreisat, Dunham-Bush’s General Manager (Middle East & North Africa) mentioned the long-standing successful cooperation with these words: “FORM Group has been offering high quality products of our Dunham-Bush brand in Turkiye for half a century and successfully reflects our vision to the Turkish market. We can say that we owe our participation in many successful projects and references during this time, to the expertise and experience-based brand value and sales-service success that Form has brought to us. We hope that our trust-based cooperation will continue in the same way in the coming years and we believe that we will achieve many more successes.”FORM, made its first chiller sale under Dunham-Bush brand to Adana Tabacco factory in 1976. In this project, 2 screw chillers, each with a cooling capacity of 1,800 kW, were supplied. Dunham-Bush chillers; by prioritizing performance, reliability and energy efficiency, meet global market demands with its screw compressor water and air-cooled product lines. Dunham-Bush can provide 2,650 kW frequency-controlled two screw compressors in the Water Cooled series, and a single device up to 1,860 kW in the Air Cooled series. Dunham-Bush, whose capacity and efficiency are approved by American AHRI laboratories; is preferred for air conditioning of many places such as hotels, hospitals, business centers, factories. Kaynak: (BYZHA) Beyaz Haber Ajansı

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